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2 x Sony FX6

Sony A7S3

Sony FS7

GoPro 10 Black


18, 25, 40, 85 and 135mm Zeiss Batis Primes

35mm f1.8 Sony FE

50mm f1.4 Sony/Zeiss

85mm f1.4 Sony G Master

16-35mm f2.8 Sony G Master

24-70mm f2.8 Sony G Master

70-200mm f2.8 Sony G Master + 2 x Extender



DJI RS3 PRO + Tilta Power Ring



2 x DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro


2 x Hollyland Mars M1 5.5" Wirless Monitors

1 x 15" Seetec HD Monitor


1 x Aputure 1200D Pro + Light Dome 150cm

1 x Aputure 600D Pro + Light Dome II soft box

1 x Aputure 60D 

1 x Aputure COB 60D

2 x Dedo Felloni TURBO 

2 x Dedo Felloni 1 x 1’ High Output LED Panels 

1 x Dedo Felloni Liteflex 

1 x Lightpanel LED Ringlite Mini

1 x 2m x 2m Frame with Diffusion, White and Silver Bounce

1 x 2m x 1m 5 in one reflector / diffusion

5 x Flag Frames (61 x 91cm)

1 x Black Single Net Screen (61 x 91cm)

1 x Black Double Net Screen (61 x 91cm)

1 x One-Stop Silk Screen (61 x 91cm)

1 x Two-Stop Silk Screen (61 x 91cm)

1 x Black Block Solid (61 x 91cm)

2 x Solid Dot (15cm)

1 x Single Net Dot (15cm)

2 x Solid Finger (10 x 36cm)

1 x Single Net Finger (10 x 36cm)

2 x 45 x 61cm frames

1 x black single -net scrim (45 x 61cm)

1 x black double-net scrim (45 x 61cm)

1 x black block (45 x 61cm)

1 x double-stop white silk (45 x 61cm)

1 x 10 x 36cm solid black finger as a bonus.

1m x 1m Black Floppy

1m x 1m Diffusion Frame

1m x 1m 1/4 Silk Diffusion Frame

1m x 1m White Silver Reflector

Light Stands

Super Clamps


Shot Bags


Digi Dolly - 4m track

3ft Kessler camera slider

Miller tripod

Manfrotto Stills Tripod

Cine Saddle

Easyrig Mini Max


2 x Sony Wireless lav mic kit

Sony Wireless Dual receiver

Sennheiser Wireless lav mic kit

2 x RODE NTG3 shotgun mic

2 x Boompoles

Sony Shotgun mic wireless transmitter 

Rode Wireless GO II Kit

Sennheiser Headphones


Autocue setup with 2 x Ipad Mini + Teleprompter Pro


Blackmagic ATEM Mini ISO Pro - 4 Channel HDMI Mixer

Blackmagic Web Presenter HD


Hyundai Iload - 2016 - Fully Shelved 

2 Shelf Camera Trolley 


Macbook Pro - Premiere Pro, Lightroom and Photoshop


Equipment Insurance

Full PL insurance up to $20,000,000.00

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